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  1. Hi Lovada,

    Rick and I just got back in town and heard about Jim. We are sending you both our best wishes for strength and a speedy recovery! I know you are an incredibly strong lady-take care of yourself as best you can and please know that we are thinking about you both. Jill

  2. Glad to here that things are improving. I’m sure it will be a long trip back and a pray for a full recovery. I can only imagine the stess and worry for Lovada. Just want her to know that I’m think ing about her and wish her peace and rest. I can see and hear in my mine the memorys of my encounters with Jim at Speculator 10 to 16 years ago and his big smile when ever we talked. He seemed quite interested in my light open cockpit seaplane complerte with my bike on the starboard float. I would like to go on about times we have shared but don’t know how much I can post here. A lot of good times. Bob Hurd Drifter pilot.

  3. We’re so glad that there is progress. We were Jim’s first passengers in his own Seabee the day before the America’s inaugural flight in 2008. We became instant Jim-Fans that weekend.

    Shortly after his 90th birthday in 2002, my dad (who taught music at Hobart in Geneva for 31 years) had a broken wrist and smashed pelvis causing extensive internal bleeding following a fall and very hard landing. He got through 6 weeks of traction and 4 months of rehab and made it back to his full and active life in 6 months and is still going strong at 97. Jim has so much going for him, especially fitness going in and optimism, resoluteness and discipline, that we feel confident that all will be well. We’re with you all! Julia Welbon

  4. Julia, Bob and Jill & Rick,

    your comments have been forwarded to Bruce Hinds, who has directly sent them to Lovada! Most of the people in our passionate community are waiting patiently for updates and news and I know that hundreds of people care to read and surely enjoy his slow, but sure progress and recovery.

    There is no restriction on the length of your comments, in fact if you have a fun story to share about Jim, send it to seaplaneforum@aol.com together with pictures and I will publish your story. Many of us younger kids have not had the pleasure to get to know Jim personally, yet, I am sure, many of us will want to, once he is back in the saddle. Your comments are welcome and I am sure Lovada will like them. 🙂

    Jim Poel @ Sun & Fun

  5. Lovada:

    Since I have not heard from Jim in a while, I began searching the web and found out why. Carroll and I are both in shock over this. You and Jim are in our prayers and thoughts and we sure wish there was something we could do to help you out. Please know we are thinking of you and please tell Jim we are thinking of him.

    John and Carroll

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