3 comments on “Private Plane – Public Menace

  1. I could rant and rave forever! However, I will just say this: It’s people writing things like this that give the public a bad opinion of general aviation. It’s people like this that would take away all the joys and freedom GA has to offer.

  2. Mr. Goldberg couldn’t steer the airplane into CIA headquarters– he hadn’t been to flight school in order to learn how to do this thing. And if he had,- and bragged about not needing to know how to land the plane– TSA would have been onto him in a heartbeat. Or not….

    As a pilot (one of those hated rich fat cats Mr. Goldberg likes to rail on about) I KNOW who’s climbing in my 31-year-old airplane. Usually it’s somebody like Mr. Goldberg, who’s getting a free ride at my expense, to get where he needs to go. Unlike Mr. Goldberg, these passengers are usually ill, often poor, and need my help to get to specialized medical treatment. Also, unlike Mr. Goldberg, they’re usually extremely appreciative of my generosity.

    I know, and so do others, who’s wandering around the ramp at my airport, and why. We’re FRIENDLY here. And nosy.

    Still waiting for the brilliant Mr. Goldberg to point to GA acts of terror which warrant TSA expertise to circumvent. I can think of three- two of which broke a window and killed the (mentally-ill) pilot, and one of which only accomplished the latter. That’s in, what, 30 years? Worldwide? Now. Can we talk about rental trucks?
    For that matter, can we point to even one terrorist the TSA, in its expensive and intrusive existence and millions screened, actually intercepted before boarding?

    Also, inquiring mamas want to know: Did Mr. Goldberg remember to say thank you for his better-than-first-class ride to Dulles? Or was this bite-the-hand article the best he could do? After all- deadlines are deadlines, and Mr. Goldberg was obviously caught short. Simple good manners are for those upper class twits with whom Mr. Goldberg has such a problem.

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