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  1. I am busy studying the NTSB report on the crash of N200WQ at Clarence NY. As this crash was only yards from my wife’s aunt’s house, we were somewhat involved. How true it was then and how true it is today that uneducated, heartless complaints with the benefit of hindsight only hinder finding the true facts.

    How doubly sad it is that knee jerk legislation was introduced to increase the experience levels of pilots in airliners by congress which not only would not have had any effect on the tragedy in Clarence, one finds it hard to justify the bloated claims of so-called investigative reporters.

    What a sad day when we lose anyone in an aviation accident. More poignant that sadness is when it involves a child. I cannot believe the comments you quoted, well, if I am honest, I believe there are people who can be so heartless and, frankly, stupid as to make them.

    My heart goes out to the bereaved.

  2. Thanks, John. It’s good to see that more people just can’t ignore commentators like this one. Here’s my response in the newscasts comments section:

    “When disaster strikes your family, dorimonsonfan, or you have an accident that takes one of your family members, I hope you will be surrounded by people who hold at least a minimum of decency and respect, much unlike yourself. May these people be capable of mourning with you and your loved ones, instead of jumping to conclusions, stupid thumb sucking speculation, badmouthing and unsubstantiated guess work. Commentators like you do not only foster misinformation, they also reflect very badly on this publication/ newscast. Maybe the moderators of these comments will have a light bulb moment and take your rubbish down.”

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