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  1. It is surreal. I’m the sister in law of one of the other pilots and it is so very tragic. Our family is praying for the families of the other three lost in this horrible accident.

  2. Jason:
    The pleasure was mine to work with Captain Chuck Kimes in multiple capacities. He was a staunch advocate for the airline pilot profession and devoted an exceptional amount of his personal time on behalf of his fellow pilots through the Allied Pilots Association. He was also the Son of an accomplished aviator that would have been proud of his son.
    Chuck continued beyond the airline realm to give back from his wealth of knowledge that he had accumulated going back to his early career flying Turbo Mallards in Florida and the Caribbean.
    I am proud to say that I worked with Captain Kimes.
    To add further pain, Tyler Orsow was also a good friend of our family. The painful feelings can only be miniscule compared to those of his Mother, Terry Campbell. Our thoughts and prayers to Terry Campbell and Tyler’s entire family and circle of friends.
    With maximum respect and love,
    Jay and Kathleen Carter

  3. A very sad day, indeed.

    I flew with Chuck, for many years, and commuted with him, as well. He always had your back, as a cabin crew member, and although we would butt heads, on issues, we always “hugged it out” in the end…(and he would come to his ‘male’ senses and see that I was right, and he was wrong…lol!). He KNEW the “yes dear” principle, very well, and knew to keep his “#1” happy at all costs, for the entire trip!

    Rest in peace Chuck, thanks for keeping me safe, over ALL the years of my flying career, at AA, cause I knew when you were at the stick, it was gonna be a good trip, a good day and a good, safe flight!

    Watch over all of us now, and know you were respected and loved.

    Jayne Kuchac

  4. Today seems surreal.

    I was fortunate to serve with Captain Chuck Kimes on the Allied Pilots Association Board of Directors in the mid 90s. He was the consummate gentlemen. A pilots pilot. At a tumultuous in labor relations, Chuck was cool and principled. More recently, my girlfriend and I called on short notice to see Chuck and Andrea at their home in Lake Tahoe. Wine, beer, soda and food was offered and they were so gracious and welcoming.

    Chuck was so proud of so much……the heritage of his family, his dad as a senior Pan Am Captain, his work on the beautiful lake home, the efforts on the Lake Tahoe rim trail, but mostly his love for Andrea. He expressed himself as blessed.

    We, I, are blessed to have known Chuck. He will always be a pilot’s, pilot. One I could only hope to be in a cockpit.

    Chuck would want us to remember lots, mostly his love of flying, the mountains, and Andrea. Not necessarily in that order. And of course the families and friends of those who passed.

    I am a fortunate man to have known Chuck Kimes…..

    Gods rest, peace and grace.


    Captain Bob Johnson
    Managing Director Flight Operations
    American Airlines

  5. We are all blessed by having Chuck and his friends in our lives. I know Chuck and Andrea, God Bless, my heart and soul goes out to the living, not easy saying my thoughts, just found out. I do know that Chuck and others loved what they loved to do, but so hard for them to leave us. God Bless!!!

  6. Godspede you my friends!
    Worked with both Tyler and Chester in Edwards AFB. At first Chuck (Chester) and I were at each others throats. Soon we had an understanding and the road was smooth from then on. He made great tex-mex food & Tyler showed up later and had some quality time with him. I have a son his age, and we related well. Had pranks to pull on them both this spring when work would bring us together again. They will be missed.
    Godspede you my friends!

  7. Chuck Kimes was a great pilot and a better human being…I was always pleased to see him listed as Captain on one of my sequences… I just had dinner with him in London less than two weeks ago….he was so looking forward to this trip in the Goose. I will miss his easy laugh and clear blue eyes smiling while he recounted one of his many aviation expeiences born of thousands of hours in any number of aircraft. God Bless you Chuck…very sad all of this. My prayers to all those families with loss in this crash. Chris Reilly

  8. My husband and I have been following Chuck’s adventure via email. We’re devastated by the news. Please know his family is in our hearts and prayers. What a wonderful guy! So sad at his loss and the loss of his fellow pilots.

  9. Submitted by Inge & Otto Zeitner:
    “My eyes are closed for eternal sleep. But way up high, above the fields and forests, the waters, mountains and clouds I am sailing along on the wings of an eagle.”

    Editors comment:

    Thank you for all your nice comments. I will forward these words to the families affected, in due time. My hope is that they will find comfort in these terrible times of loss. Even days after writing the article above, it is still surreal, not believable – unimaginable. How much harder must it be for those really very close to these men. Always remember how fast things can change from good to bad. Don’t leave good words unsaid, for you never know if the opportunity to say them later will be afforded to you. Let those who mean something to you, know while they can still hear your voice and smile at you. – – J. Baker

  10. Sad news for the aviation community. Thanks to all who wrote about Chuck, I haven’t seen him for many years, yet have never forgotten his friendship, big personality, and many kindnesses from the Pacific Coast/Apollo Airways days. Thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those onboard.
    –Gwen Bjornson

  11. I never ment Chuck and Tyler but enjoyed talking to them on the phone several times and comunicated by emails in last couple of years while his Stinson Floats were being restored. A great loss to family, close friends & Aviation. Will be in our prayers.

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