One comment on “Social Media for Networking?

  1. I have never understood this hype about facebook – in my eyes it is totally artificial, I consider it dangerous, especially for our kids, and it reduces the word “friendship” to something with no meaning at all, hollow and empty. A lot of people my age (60+) are on facebook and proud of the “friends” they have found there – do people still know today what friendship means? It should be, or used to be, a matter of good chemistry among people and affection, sticking together, helping each other through hard times and enjoying the good ones together, being there for each other and having and being someone to depend on.

    How do you want to accomplish this with 245 “friends” on facebook (or 350 or 500)?
    “Am I the only one waiting for the day when this fun generation hits the wall?”

    It’s good you placed this subject into your blog and it would be nice if others would respond, too.

    “Farmville” is okay, – as long as the kids playing it are given a chance to know what a cow is and what it looks like…


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