About This Blog

This blog is dedicated to Aviation Safety & Training topics as well as Seaplane Advocacy. It’s main purpose is to help educate pilots and the public about ways to make water and general aviation flying safer, but also to recruit and spark the interest in Seaplanes and the wonderful world of Water Flying. There is much to learn about Seaplanes and like in every other part of our industry, we depend highly on the willingness of other, more experienced airmen to share their wisdom’s and experience with us. My blogs intent is to solicit such snipplets from experienced professionals.

Aviation Safety is  “Learned Behavior”.  It demands constant focus and a true commitment from each person involved in our industry. Focusing on Aviation Safety and dedicating time to learning and continued education demands a lot of time and effort. With this blog I attempt to stretch my own efforts, and go beyond the participation stage of my recent activities within the sector of Aviation Safety.

Fly Safe!