Captain Olivers Page

September 27th of 2009 turned out to be a black day in the Baker household. We lost our  best friend and buddy Oliver. He was a sunshine who brought laughter and a smile to the darkest of moods and there was not a single day where he was not at least once thanked for being in our lives. What a cat!

My Best Friend

Early Morning Yawn…

Oliver came into our lives in 2005 when it was decided to adopt him from a family who had “no need for him” anymore.  At the time he was about 4-5 years old and we had fallen in love with him instantly due to his incredible character and the fact that he was talkative and loved to cuddle. However, when we got him into the house, we would get our shoulders perforated trying to cuddle him, as the children in his prior home had the habit of just dropping him after being done cuddleing and that lead to a lot of tension. It took  two years to convince him that he would never be dropped out of the blue sky again. He adjusted to life as a indoor cat incredibly well as he relocated from a very rural spot into an area where animals are in constant danger of being run over by cars. It was decided to buy him a little leash and take him outside anyways, as we had a harder time to adjust to him being limited in access to nature, than he did.

Over the years he had developed the habit to be in the middle of everything, no matter what it was. Typing on the computer? Trying to read a book? Making dinner? You’re not alone! He loved to get brushed and whenever one entered or tried to leave the house it had become a obligation to brush the cat. In fact it was impossible to enter or exit the house, period, without first and foremost paying attention to Olivers need. He would meow as if he was being abused, loudly complaining about the lack of attention. It so happened that extra time was made for this ritual as well as many others.


Oliver was a Pilot, too. Your’s truly always had and used Flight Simulators. Oliver had a clear spot on the Desk, to supervise, observe and critique the performance during ILS approaches, VOR approaches and NDB approches. It was silent critique, but nonetheless, he was always close by and it never took more than a minute to be discovered and occupied by him. I believe he knew the PTS and must have picked up some knowledge from stretching all over my books during my attempted studies. At least that is what I’d like to think.

I am missing him terribly – life is not the same without this little sunshine. It will be impossible to fill the void  he left behind, for any animal that may cross path with me again, down the road. They are all special, but he was just so much more  than that for me…

The lessons learned from ~ 5 years with this guy: Cherish the time you have with them, pay attention to making their lives a little better and soak up their positive way of life and how they pay you back for loving them. I got back a thousand times of what I put in, but I was  nowhere close to being ready to loose him. I would have never been.


You are so terribly missed, Oliver!